The Facts 

Globally, the average cost of a slave is $90. (a pair of nice jeans)

Give financially to help IJM “show up” on behalf of victims of violent oppression. 

This October turn your beard into your greatest weapon and join the fight against injustice!


In a day and age where there are nearly 30 million slaves in our world, we are being called to take a stand for something. We are being called to take a stand for someone!

 is the month for guys to turn their beards into half beards, moustaches, and mutton chops to raise awareness about modern day slavery and funds for IJM Canada.

International Justice Mission Canada (IJM) is a human rights organization that brings rescue, advocation, and restoration to victims of sexual exploitation, slavery and violent oppression. ​To learn more go to

All funds raised go directly to IJM Canada

October 2014 we raised over $8,000 for IJM Canada!